Welp, Google went ahead and unveiled something called the Chromebook Pixel today. Has an ultra high-res display (12.85 inches, with a resolution of 4.3 million pixels — that's a ridiculous 239 pixels per square inch) and an Intel Core i5 processor, which is al real nice. Oh, and it's a touchscreen. It's a Chromebook, so it's not going to do a lot of the stuff that your laptop or ultrabook are going to be able to do. This is mostly for power users -- the kind of people who are alllll up in the cloud 'n shit. You know what I'm saying. And if you don't, then this computer definitely isn't for you. (No disrespect intended. I'm not buying one of these things at all.) The Chromebook emphasizes a web-based operating system. This means it's not built to do stuff like run games and torrent How I Met Your Mother. Sort of makes this kind of computer something designed especially as a utility. Something for work and staying connected. Although, as the capabilities of both computers and the Internet continue to evolve, there's no telling how blurry that line will get.

Chromebook Pixel
Chromebook Pixel

Oh, and this thing costs about $1300. For the WiFi version. There's an LTE-enabled version that'll set you back $1,449. Hefty.

You can get these things in the Google Play Store, and they ship in April. Hooray for technology. Hooray for science.

PS. Google. Why didn't you make this thing look more rad, huh?

Source: Mashable