Dealing with other people's problems is the worst, isn't it? Few things can be tougher than trying to figure out how to get someone else to quit doing something that really doesn't work for you.

In fact, changing the things other people do is one of the things we're often completely unable to do.

You can always, however, control the way you react to them.

Next time you've got a serious issue with someone's nonsense, stop thinking about their problem, and start thinking about your problem.

When someone else upsets you, it's not a them problem.

It's a you problem.

Let's try reverse-engineering the problems we have with others.

I know I can't make so-and-so stop being such a mouthy pain in the ass.

It's out of my place to even try.

All I can do is try and mitigate the way said mouthiness affects me.

Because trying to get other people to change is just frustrating.

photo credit to TheArtGuy