Boards of Canada have announced the release of their first album in nearly a decade. It's been eight years since The Campfire Headphase.Tomorrow's Harvestcomes out in just about a month and a half, on Warp.

You may or may not have heard that the sufficiently mysterious Scottish duo have been dropping random hints and clues ever since Record Store Day, when a couple of odd vinyls showed up.

Then there were more.

Then there was an Adult Swim commercial.

Then there was a weird website.

Then someone figured it out.

"Entering the password 69974262831517228936557813386519225 into resulted in a link to this video and the Bleep preorder page."

Calendar: marked.




01 "Gemini"

02 "Reach for the Dead"

03 "White Cyclosa"

04 "Jacquard Causeway"

05 "Telepath"

06 "Cold Earth"

07 "Transmisiones Ferox"

08 "Sick Times"

09 "Collapse"

10 "Palace Posy"

11 "Split Your Infinites"

12 "Uritual"

13 "Nothing Is Real"

14 "Sundown"

15 "New Seeds"

16 "Come to Dust"

17 "Semena Mertvykh"

source |pitchfork