Something that’s been very important to me lately is the quality of my work. I wouldn’t call this a recent development; hopefully I’ve always been paying attention to the quality of whatever it is I do. But lately I’ve noticed myself glancing in a more critical direction at how other folks might receive the things I’m trying to do.

When I realize that I’m doing this, the very next thing I usually do is try and figure out why. To a degree, it’s kind of simple. Above all, I think I’m most concerned with whether or not I think my work (be it blog posts or boiled eggs) is good. Beyond that, though, whether or not other people think my work is worth a wet shit is kind of important to where I want go, career-wise.

Also, though, I think it’s because I’ve got that one thing that all people who do creative things (or who do any things, for that matter) have, which is the desire for other people to like what is they do.

I don’t know, maybe creative types feel that certain thing a little more thoroughly? Maybe something inside that creative mind takes that one thing and warps it, stretches it out until it’s a sticky anxiety that coats the entire brain, and thoughts, and body, and can’t be sloughed off until the three really get together, come up with a plan, and work hard to squeeze out something significant, some kind of masterpiece, and a measure of relief can maybe be had until that one thing comes right back and starts to get sticky again, and it starts to cover everything again, and you have to just sit down and make more coffee.

image | Frank Kovalchek